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2013-01-24 11:46:52 by ADDqd

my first music track


2013-01-18 12:03:58 by ADDqd

Guys, you can click here please - and tests: 3 1a3607465528ca64cece


2013-01-08 02:57:09 by ADDqd

Today is my birthday, hurray

Finally it !!!!

2012-12-31 01:37:41 by ADDqd

happy new year all


2012-12-19 07:23:00 by ADDqd

hell yes our collab ready

time ...

2012-12-12 07:28:18 by ADDqd

Ah long time since I updated the news ... and as always all boring almost nothing happens, although with time ...


2012-12-07 07:28:49 by ADDqd

Characters from madness combat so cute: 3


for a short time

2012-12-04 05:27:11 by ADDqd

The project stopped briefly, at this stage four killed, two scenes, Test


2012-11-28 08:22:53 by ADDqd

I'm working on a new project, it would be madness animation, well ... I can not say more because the animation is only in the early development


2012-11-20 12:56:19 by ADDqd

My best friend was hit by a car ...