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All be back

2013-03-05 02:19:01 by ADDqd

okay I'm back! Well the truth yesterday ..... Well, this is nonsense, whether something interesting while I was away?


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2013-03-05 03:25:44

I can't decipher what you meannnnnnnnnn! D:

ADDqd responds:

I'm sorry if the offer is made incorrectly,the fact is that I am alive in Russia and write and translate everything through a translator. I'm sorry = (


2013-03-05 16:27:43

Krinkels premiere new chapter ...
mmmm .. Not only this is important .. lol for me: DD
Good to have you back: DD

ADDqd responds:

thank you: 3 and about a new incident, I knew a long time (well, just as soon as he left, I learned about it), I thought I would be even something brand new