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Test ^__-

2013-06-01 01:42:28 by ADDqd

Test #1 Test #2 Oh yes! Soon I will change my avatar;) P.s. The new avatar! : D


2013-05-29 01:07:22 by ADDqd

Thus, the second day I'm trying to draw a Schrödinger (anime Helsing), but I did not get! And it's not something that I can not draw it! Just a program (where I paint) for the second time undermine the crashes! So sorry ....


2013-05-16 08:36:58 by ADDqd

How do you like my avatar? (I did it myself by the way)


2013-05-04 16:36:41 by ADDqd

Today, I walked around the house in a dress. Am I normal?

Honor for all

2013-04-24 08:58:24 by ADDqd

Yes, a long time I was not with you. Forgive me.But I want to ask the following: any of you have passed "dishonored" ?

To Fuck

2013-03-06 12:20:21 by ADDqd

to fuck! Today I painted a beautiful picture for you to Half-Life 3 and Ninel, but when the picture was finished, I would like a cup of tea, drank ..... In short, I poured over the image, you need to started from the beginning

All be back

2013-03-05 02:19:01 by ADDqd

okay I'm back! Well the truth yesterday ..... Well, this is nonsense, whether something interesting while I was away?

10 days

2013-02-22 12:33:52 by ADDqd

So I go to another city 10 days, that is, is a lesson that I will not have those same 10 days, I'll leave you with these tests (sprites provided juanford66) 04b91ef52fbf43d26007 a376


2013-02-13 12:32:25 by ADDqd t his is my first art as you


2013-02-02 02:22:01 by ADDqd

Who can give me madness sprites Update Project Nexus, please: 3