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Victoria Seras. Again

2015-05-04 06:35:04 by ADDqd



2015-04-08 14:20:42 by ADDqd

Ryuko Matoi from anime Kill la Kill. Yep. 4348448_142851724042_7tvpcBvKI4I.jpg


2015-04-05 12:22:28 by ADDqd

Didn't expect?4348448_142825094683_qUU7JZ-86tU.jpg


2014-11-29 13:11:54 by ADDqd

Sprite by BioSoldier168


2014-09-28 11:39:15 by ADDqd

Random test ;

Know, guys, this day I expected a holiday - something unusual. But, a devil, it not as was earlier. Not so vigorously, as was earlier. Probably, this problem is covered by me. But. I miss old madness. I miss former times. Happy MD...

Seras, my love

2014-08-14 05:55:04 by ADDqd

This Seras Victoria - Hellsing anime character. To say that I love it - to say nothing.4348448_140801010162_waMjU1qBU-Y.jpg

Eeee .... Test.

2014-08-12 12:11:53 by ADDqd

Test for you, baby ;

The new test, and nothing ...

2014-08-08 13:49:38 by ADDqd

New test >>

  How it to you, guys?